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vyle_cons's Journal

Vylecons Now A Community
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Please join graphic_depot for my graphics....This community is no longer active

Vyle Cons Graphics
A Community to showcase my graphic designs. Please join the community to view posts and make requests. The beautiful User Info Layout was provided by: thelookofarebel The beautiful Layout used as the journal was provided by amavel_bel All codes edited by me r_sambora_luvr Header, Default Icon and User Info pic made by r_sambora_luvr

-Rules: Simple --- Be respectful. Please credit me for anything i make, Please credit with either r_sambora_luvr or vyle_cons. Don't request if you wont use. Comments are always appreciated. Please view my resources for credits to the many people who contribute to graphic makers.
- I am currently a graphics maker at the wonderful juicy_grapes Moderated by the awesome catwench You can check out my stuff there as well.

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